Alan Raga will capture the beautiful photos you imagined. You’ll go home with so many ‘favourite’ images, you’ll have to categorise them as ‘favourite images 1’, ‘favourite images 2’, ‘favourite images 3’ – you get the point!

From weddings to family portraits to commercial (events, models) photography, Alan Raga Photography will capture your moment.


Each wedding is a totally unique affair. Alan understands this. Before capturing one of your biggest days in your life, Alan will meet with you (‘you’ as the couple). He’ll make sure that what you envision about your big day comes to life, and is captured on camera so you can remember your special memories in years to come, just like it was yesterday.

Alan’s not into the big ‘posie’ pictures. He’ll mostly quietly click away at his camera; and then present to you the most amazing photo journal from on your wedding day. Of course, there are the posie photos too; but you’ll feel so relaxed, they won’t look that way.

Wedding package

If you want to remember the moments before your wedding, you can choose the ‘wedding package’. This is where Alan meets with you at various locations you choose in the months leading up to your wedding, up to your big day; and then on your big day. After your whole moment’s over, you’ll have heaps of amazing photos to remember this special time by - he’ll bundle all your images into a true keepsake, a photo journal.

Choosing the wedding package has its benefits. In addition to having a photo journal of your big event (not just big day), you’ll get to familiarise yourself with Alan, and his laid back style. You’ll also get more exposure in front of the camera, and be even more comfortable having your photo taken on your big day.


Family portraits

Time goes by so quickly. You want to remember the days when Johnny had red curls, and Mary-Anne’s cheeks (facial) were so big that you couldn’t help but squeeze them. Alan (he’s a family-man himself), captures these moments too. From children’s photography to family photography, you choose the location that is meaningful to you (or at his studio if weather’s an issue), and Alan will work his magic (like only Alan does), and create photos that looked like the setting was your habitat. He won’t rush you either, so you’ll feel at ease while he transforms your moments into memories.

Commerical (events, models)

Let’s face it. We’re all in the business of selling; and in this digital day-and-age your photos spread across cyberspace like wildfire. They land on all sorts of screens of anyone you may (or want to) do business with – no exceptions. Make good use of your time. Don’t overlook how important good photos are.

S T O R M Y   D A Y @ P E T O N E   W H A R F,   W E L L I N G T ON


Found landscape images (taken by Alan) you like so much you want to hang them on your wall? Alan also offers canvas printing of his landscape images. Depending on the size, prices may vary.

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